Part 2: Find out what Drives the People Behind USAID’s Ukraine Humanitarian Response

In Kyiv, a woman works to clear debris in her apartment after the the building was heavily damaged during escalating conflict. According to the UN, 12 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance in Ukraine. Photo courtesy: UNICEF from Anton Skyba/The Globe and Mail

Emily Gish, Deputy Leader for Planning

Emily is one of the DART members who visited a warehouse in Rzeszow, Poland, where the international humanitarian community — including USAID — have been temporarily storing relief supplies before they are transported to areas inside Ukraine. Scott Fontaine/USAID
USAID DART members have been working to airlift several hundred metric tons of critical relief supplies — including food assistance, blankets and hygiene items — to the region. Top left: Scott Fontaine/USAID. Top right: Janka Szitas/U.S. Embassy Bucharest. USAID partners are working to deliver these supplies to people inside Ukraine. Bottom left: Scott Fontaine/USAID. Bottom right: IOM

Samantha Croffut, Program Officer

Samantha is one of the members of the USAID DART who met with a congressional delegation led by Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA) at the G2A Arena in Rzeszow, Poland on March 19, 2022. Scott Fontaine/USAID

Lauren Propst, Administrative Coordinator

Volunteers help Ukrainian refugees at the Korczowa reception center on March 9, 2022. This is a former shopping center that the Polish government converted into a spot to welcome refugees who have just crossed the border from Ukraine. Scott Fontaine/USAID



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