Greetings from a World Without Hunger

What would a world without hunger look like? Take a look at this postcard series from the futuristic NoOneHungry, a fictional community where no one is hungry or malnourished. USAID’s commitment to the community has helped ensure that everyone has enough to eat, as well as the tools and knowledge to take care of their land, livestock, and families. Every single person is prepared when a crisis hits.

Illustrations by: Vanessa Rodriguez, USAID

Dear Mom and Dad,

NoOneHungry is a remarkable place! There are happy and healthy people everywhere, and everyone pitches in to help each other. Here, there are good days and bad days just like in every corner of the world, but there are more good days because of the help they received from USAID.

With food on the table and a wealth of life and agricultural skills, everyone has enough food to feed their families now and the knowledge to plan for the future.

One family shared with me how they endured years of drought, experiencing firsthand the preciousness of basic necessities like food and water. Because of the drought, they had to rely on U.S. humanitarian assistance to get by. They told me that they were grateful to receive more than just food. Along with the USAID assistance came “seeds” for them to plant — both literally, and figuratively — for future generations.

They learned agricultural techniques like planting drought-tolerant seeds and using irrigation so they can grow crops during the dry seasons to eat and sell at the market nearby. You should see how colorful and diverse all the vegetables and fruits are here! They also learned how to make the best use of their natural resources, like water, so they can rely on it when there is little rain.

In NoOneHungry, you can tell health is also important. Each citizen takes responsibility for their health and everyone has access to water for drinking, watering crops, and taking care of their livestock. They even recently installed handwashing stations.

Even more remarkable is that here in NoOneHungry, there is no malnutrition. When the babies cry, it’s because they are just being babies! — and not because they don’t have enough nutrients to grow healthy. And it seems everyone knows about healthy eating habits and the positive impacts of breastfeeding and serving diverse, nutritious meals to their families.

It’s not entirely utopia here though. I asked one family how they prepare for the unpredictable. What would happen if a child got seriously sick and there was a stack of medical bills to pay? They reassured me and said they save for emergencies like these. There is also a community-led safety net where people pool their resources to help each other in times of need! They know food security — and the resilience of the village — is impossible to sustain without working together.

The future looks bright for young people in NoOneHungry. Children go to school because their parents can pay tuition fees. And young adults have the opportunity to grow their potential and give back to the community — girls and boys alike! Some even take out low-interest loans from the community village and savings group to start their own businesses!

NoOneHungry is a special place. There is no hunger here. There is equity and opportunity for each and every person. I’ve enjoyed meeting the people and hearing their stories — and plan to pass along the lessons they learned so we can help build a world where no one is hungry!

NoOneHungry is a fictional place where there is no hunger or malnutrition, and everyone has equal access to nutritious food so they can reach their full potential. The reality is that there are spikes in hunger and malnutrition in different corners of the world, and with the current COVID-19 global health pandemic, the Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWS NET) estimates that 113 million people in the 46 most food-insecure countries will face crisis levels of hunger and require emergency food assistance this year.

For decades, USAID has helped hungry people around the world with emergency food assistance, and through the U.S. Government initiative Feed the Future, continues to work with partner countries to combat hunger, poverty, and malnutrition at their roots, so we can all live in a world where there is global food security.

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Illustrated by Vanessa Rodriguez for USAID

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