• Jonathan Greer

    Jonathan Greer

    Husband and friend in Coconut Grove, FL tweets and retweets are to encourage, share faith in Jesus, and interact to support local journalism.

  • USAIDEconomic


    Promoting economic growth and reduce extreme #poverty abroad, #landrights, #trade, and #domesticresourcemobilization. http://www.usaid.gov/privacy-policy

  • MicroAid International

    MicroAid International

    MicroAid rebuilds permanent houses for survivors of natural disasters after the world’s attention has moved on.

  • Krystle C.

    Krystle C.

    In between metro rides I read stories.

  • Kristina Louise

    Kristina Louise

    global health | humanitarian assistance | refugees | HIV & LGBTI issues | human rights | boba tea | travel | yoga | music | naps | Tweets? → Mine.

  • ACP-EU Action

    ACP-EU Action

    Initiative of the ACP Secretariat and the EU, implemented by @UNmigration, w/ the aim to support the ACP-EU Dialogue on Migration and Development.

  • Chris S

    Chris S

    #GIScience #GIS #DataViz #Crisis #Risk #Vulnerabilit #DisasterManagement #DigitalTransformation #Skydiving #Paragliding #StarWars fan — Views are my own

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