Finding a New Home and a New Skill in a New Land

Mahad Ali Nour (center) and Ilias Mohamed Abdo (far right) were part of the USAID supported logistics training program for migrants, refugees, and youths in Djibouti. Photo by Lina Mustapha / WFP
Map of east Africa, with Mogadishu, Somalia and Ali Addeh Refugee Camp in Djibouti highlighted.
Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, is 1,410 km (nearly 900 miles) from the Ali Addeh refugee settlement in Djibouti. Map: Brendan Bartow / USAID

“Having a family made me realize that I needed a sustainable job to be able to afford a decent life for my family,” Mahad said.

At the logistics center, Mahad Ali Nour (left) and Ilias Mohamed Abdo (right) gain hands-on experience as part of their education. Photos by Lina Mustapha / WFP
Illustration with world globe in the center and seven icons surrounding it: Calculator, Airplane, Forklift, Gears, Shopping cart, Light bulb, and Checklist.
The logistics training program covers topics such as forklift operation, warehouse management, merchandise ordering, store management, and more. Graphic: Jacquie Frazier / USAID



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